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What to wear and bring on your visit to southeast Louisiana

Friends, I'm not going to sugarcoat this section in any way. Visiting southeast Louisiana in August is challenging. It tends to be hot, humid, and sticky. Even fish live out of the water here since the air is filled with so much moisture. Ok, I'm kidding about the fish reference, but I am NOT kidding about the heat. Louisiana, especially southeast Louisiana, has a subtropical climate. Typical August weather is typically in the high 90s during the day and in the 80s at night. Humidity will be 100%. An evening shower is always expected.

The majority of restaurants and activities do not require any formal attire. Just like this year's untraditional gala, it's basically "come as you are" in Louisiana. 

Because the weather is HOT, and sometimes rainy outside, moisture wicking clothing is helpful. The Crowne Plaza offers a large pool which, at the end of the day, is THE place to be.

More attire on convention meetings will be posted as the agenda is released but we suggest business - comfortable during meetings, Auxiliary members are asked to wear all white attire on Monday August 14th during the Memorial service, and everyone is welcomed to participate in our annual Mardi Gras Night by wearing the colors of Mardi Gras : Purple, Green, and Gold.

Its also advisable to bring a weather or light jacket for air-conditioned environments.

If you will be attending the excursion to New Orleans, comfortable walking shoes are a must since many quaint streets are paved with cobblestone. A tote bag or backpack would be helpful for any souvenirs you purchase.

The Department of Louisiana will supply handheld fans, mosquito repellent and sunscreen. 

More to come on this when we get closer to convention.

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