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Every Gold Star Family has a story to tell. We want to share their story through recipes! Gold Star Families can may send in the recipe for their Hero's favorite dish. It is requested that a photo of your Hero, as well as a story why they enjoyed that particular recipe so much, accompany the recipe. We wish to honor our fallen Heroes by remembering their life, not the loss.

We will close the requests at the end of the year.  

A digital cookbook will be made and posted on our website after it is completed. 

Share with other members and organizations.


Share your Hero's favorite dish with us!

Submit your contributions here or contact our leadership team at

Classification of dish
Upload File

Please send one photo, the recipe, and a story about why your Hero enjoyed the dish. Please type your Hero's name in the subject line.

If you don't wish to use the link below, our email address is

Examples may be a passed down family recipe for home-made pie, or as simple as their signature sandwich.

Categories will be appetizers, entrees, soups & salads, desserts, and more.

We look forward to receiving the recipes.
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