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Past National Presidents 

We honor our rich and vibrant history by paying homage to those who have laid the foundation of the Auxiliary. Each one of these amazing leaders have served with the true spirit of patriotism. 

To view the digitized version of the Past National Presidents' scrapbooks, please click here.

We owe our gratitude to the women
who have laid the foundation of our historic and paved the way to our
exciting future.

Past National Presidents Anchor

Past National Presidents' Scrapbooks


In 2020, Amanda Flener, PNP scanned each page of the Past National Presidents' scrapbooks. In 2021, Co-National Historians, Carol Lance, PNP and Eileen Oltmann, PNP digitized these cherished pages and created a digital booklet for anyone to enjoy. Prior to then, it was only possible to view the scrapbooks by attending the National Convention where they are proudly displayed.

We invite you to learn more about the amazing leaders who governed our beloved Auxiliary for nine decades.

Through war, depression, adversity & prosperity, natural disasters, and other circumstances, these leaders and the members of the LAMOPH and MOPHA have marked their footprints in the journey of our organization. It is with many hopes and prayers that future leaders continue the journey for many more decades to come.

NOTE: Some areas of the pages have been redacted in order to protect private information.

Past National Presidents' Scrapbook
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